List of Courses After 12th Arts

Arts Courses:

If you have arts subjects as part of your 12th standard, then you fall in the “Arts” category. Courses as part of the Arts category are listed below:

  1. BA – Bachelor of Arts
  2. BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts
  3. BA LLB – Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law
  4. BA Journalism & Mass Communication
  5. BBA – Bachelor of business administration
  6. Bachelor in Advertising
  7. Bachelor in Journalism and Mass communication
  8. Bachelor in Hotel Management
  9. Bachelor in Elementary Education
  10. Bachelor in Economics
  11. Bachelor in Event Management
  12. Bachelor in Fashion Design
  13. Bachelor in Apparel Design
  14. Bachelor in Graphic Design
  15. Bachelor in Interior Design
  16. Bachelor in Psychology
  17. Bachelor in Public Relations
  18. Bachelor in Retail Management
  19. Bachelor in Travel and Tourism.
  20. Bachelor in History
  21. Bachelor in Political Science
  22. Bachelor in Geography

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