List of Undergraduate Courses After 12th

StudyCrow-after-12thAs written in one of our previous articles, the career is something which should not be forced at all. It should be always be chosen as per the interest and passion of a person. If you end up choosing a wrong career, it becomes very very difficult to survive with the choice because of the enormous competition that we have in all the sectors as of today.

People tend to get bored easily, lack of concentration, lack of enthusiasm, feeling of regret, feeling of changing the career etc, is always there in the mind after choosing a career path, where the interest is not there and the only reason why you end of doing the same thing is the “future security” and the “flow of income on monthly basis”.

We need to realize that all of this can make us achieve a certain amount of happiness, but it is always temporary and this career which is not chosen out of passion or interest tend to take a toll on you sooner or later.

In India, it is worse than any other country as there are lot of expectation and social pressure. Once a child is in his/her 10th standard he/she is faced with a lot of pressure and competition with respect to the career that he/she has to choose immediately after the completion of 10th standard. More often, it is because there is a segregation between maths, science, commerce and arts after 10th. More pressure builds up, once a child is in 12th standard. There is a lot of confusion that happens in the mind of a child with enormous pressure which sometimes forces the person end up taking a course which he/she does not intend or the course where the majority of his/her friend are going for.

Most of the time, it is also observed that people are not aware of the career options that are there in India and the courses that a person has to take in order to make a career. Most of the time, leaving the metro cities, people end of taking Engineering, CA, Medical or any other degree course that is available easily in their own city. Other important or trending courses are not even heard of.

In order to help you all to know about the courses that are offered in different universities and colleges across India, we decided to come up with a list of courses, categorized properly as per the stream that you have in your 12th standard. This is the list of all the undergraduate courses that are there in India at the moment or the courses that you may opt for after completing your 12th standard as per the subjects that you have in 12th.

Undergraduate Courses In India:


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