Interesting Interview Questions Asked At IIM

Interesting Interview Questions Asked At IIM

Interviews, in some cases, can truly escape from hand. Particularly when it’s for something as prestigious as an IIM passageway, IIT passage, or an administration occupation. While skimming through the profound, dim, and obscure valleys of Quora, we unearthed the craziest things that were ever asked at an IIM interviews. These were an answers’ portion presented by the clients. While some utilized the ‘brilliant ass’ card to return with a fitting answer, others were only dumbstruck with the question’s quirk. Like the considerable Yoda would’ve said, check it, you should.

Here are some of the interesting, on the toes, clever, weird and intelligent questions asked at IIM interview. Read more

Top Most Universities In The World

Education is one of the most crucial part of a human being in this world. If we have an educated society, there will not be a problem that we have with respect to living. There would not be people doing dirty jobs, or something to harm the mankind.

Education has always been important, but its not just that a person has to be educated, but also a person needs to know his own interests and based on his interest, a person has to choose a field related to it, and finally a university he can get into. Read more

Why should I do MBA

why shud i do mba-main

MBA: Master Of Business Administration:

A degree that is most famous in India, not only because of the kind of exposure it comes with or gives a person, but mainly because of the Indian Mentality and the kind of advantages it brings socially.

In India, it is always believed to something that is the trend, has value or something that will bring you on top of the normal people with respect to money. It also goes without saying that in India, there is a fixed line or hierarchy that a an engineering student goes through most of the time.

Engineering degree, then some work experience, then MBA, then some work experience. This puts most of the people in the safe zone and makes a person an eligible groom or bride. There is no point thinking about why do you really want to do MBA. Is it out of choice ? Is it out of the rat race ? Is it out of your own interest ? Is it because of some peer pressure? All of this does not matter, all that matters is the degree which will bring a lot of advantages socially.

Now, apart from the normal stuff of life mainly social stuff, or social obligation or the pressure to do good and earn more money, you need to understand why you need to have a degree in MBA or Masters Degree in Business Administration. Read more

List of Top Colleges In India

StudyCrow_CollegeAs much as it is important to choose the right course for your career, it is equally important to get into the right college for the right course that you choose.

Why it is important to be in the best college for the right course for you?

Well, the answer is fairly simple. The course that you have chosen for yourself is the one, based out of passion and interest, so to understand, learn, have exposure and to have the best knowledge,  you would always want to get into the best college. Read more

List of Undergraduate Courses After 12th

StudyCrow-after-12thAs written in one of our previous articles, the career is something which should not be forced at all. It should be always be chosen as per the interest and passion of a person. If you end up choosing a wrong career, it becomes very very difficult to survive with the choice because of the enormous competition that we have in all the sectors as of today. Read more