Why should I do MBA

why shud i do mba-main

MBA: Master Of Business Administration:

A degree that is most famous in India, not only because of the kind of exposure it comes with or gives a person, but mainly because of the Indian Mentality and the kind of advantages it brings socially.

In India, it is always believed to something that is the trend, has value or something that will bring you on top of the normal people with respect to money. It also goes without saying that in India, there is a fixed line or hierarchy that a an engineering student goes through most of the time.

Engineering degree, then some work experience, then MBA, then some work experience. This puts most of the people in the safe zone and makes a person an eligible groom or bride. There is no point thinking about why do you really want to do MBA. Is it out of choice ? Is it out of the rat race ? Is it out of your own interest ? Is it because of some peer pressure? All of this does not matter, all that matters is the degree which will bring a lot of advantages socially.

Now, apart from the normal stuff of life mainly social stuff, or social obligation or the pressure to do good and earn more money, you need to understand why you need to have a degree in MBA or Masters Degree in Business Administration. Read more

What career options do we have after Engineering

Career Options After Engineering

Career Options After Engineering:

This is one of the most commonly asked question, not only in any forum or blog-spot, but also, an engineer has this question in his mind all the time.

What after Engineering? Honestly, this question is always followed by a lot of tension and many more questions. Sometimes all those who are placed in the campus placement drives also come up with the same question of whether they really want to take up that job, and those who are not placed have a terrible time to decide what they need to in life.

So, if this is the question that is being played in your mind all the time, its time for you to explore what all are the things or career that you can choose after completing your Engineering.

First of all, don’t let yourself down, don’t be low in confidence and don’t be demotivated. Getting a job during the campus recruitment drive is not the only thing, so if you are placed, its good, if not then its not the end of the world.

There are so many things that you can do to make your career and you never know you might end up doing so well in other fields. The problem in India is, that a person is always judged, constantly and the pressure is too much on all of us which holds us back from even trying something new.

Let’s see, even as an Engineer, what all options do we have in real world. Read more