Top 10 Most Commonly Asked HR Interview Questions


As per the previous article on How to Face/Crack HR Interview for Fresher’s, it’s been made clear as to what you should do and what you should not do. Let’s just sum it up again for all of you in terms of Do’s and Don’ts in order to get into momentum again.

  • Don’t just rush into the room
  • Take care of your dress code
  • Make sure you greet every person in the room
  • Try not to be Fake
  • Carry all the Relevant Documents
  • Take care of your Body Posture

To understand the above points in detail, check out our article on How to Face HR Interview.

Now let’s come to the main part of the interview, the Interview itself, where apart from following the points above, you will have to answer everything while sitting in front of the HR panel, or if you are lucky, there will only be a single person to take your interview.

It’s been well observed with experience that in most of the HR interview, there are some set of common questions that are being asked and based on the answers that you give or utter in front of the HR, you can make or break your chances for that company. All of this comes through experience, and remember all the HR do ask these questions most of the time, because its not only you who will be prepared to answer all these, but also because they can understand everything with what you speak since they have been asking all these questions for a long time and can make it in just some time whether you are genuine or fake.

So, let’s get started with the most frequently asked HR interview questions:

1. Tell me about yourself:

Be careful when you answer this question. This is generally the first question that is being asked after your usual greetings, handshakes etc.


Don’t hesitate to answer this question as this is the building block of your interview. Let’s see what all you should tell the interviewer:

There has been a lot of debate, as to whether you should specify your name or not to start with. There are few interviewers who check your presence here, since they have your resume, they already know your name and they check on this whether you are actually repeating it or not, while the other school of thought says that you should always begin by stating your name for this question. So, feel free to do anything with your gut feeling.

  • Mention where are you from.
  • Mention what all have you done in your school.
  • Mention all about your achievements in your school.
  • Mention briefly about your extra-curricular activities, sports, debates, elocution during your school.
  • Mention about your family.
  •  Mention few of your qualities, hobbies.
  • Mention what you have achieved in your college, the way you spoke about your achievements in school.

Healthy Tip:

Don’t get too involved in describing all of this. Make it brief, to the point and do it quickly. The interviewer sometimes gets bored while hearing all of this. Most importantly, remember all that you said, as this is the place where all your next questions come from. Again, don’t fake anything. Speak slowly and firmly on the subject or hobby or interest or achievement that you want to talk about more. Stress on it, so that interviewer is compelled to ask on those topic only.

2. Why should we/I hire you or Why do you want to work our Organization:

This is asked to see if you can come up with a different answer apart from that being answered by most of the candidates.


For a smart answer, pause a bit, smile and then say:

  • “Well, I can only think of one reason, I think your organization/company has the track record of hiring the best and the smart people”. With this answer, you are praising their organization, but at the same time, you have stated that you are the best and the smart person. Most of the candidates hesitate with this.
  • If you are not comfortable answering this, then you can answer something that will make you feel strong. Come up with something positive about you like “I am a fresher with amazing learning abilities who is just looking for the right opportunity which I think your organization is famous for”.
  • You can also give some simple answer based on some facts and figures of the company by doing some research on the company and then praising about the company.

Healthy Tip:

All you need to understand is, you need to tell them that you are smart while throwing the ball in their court i.e. praise their organization in such a way that there is a hidden praise for yourself. Based on what you answer in your previous question, your next question is already formed. Example: If you say the first answer then your next question would definitely be:

“So, you are saying that you are the best, all right, then prove that you are the best and the smartest guy”. This is good, since you are already prepared for this question and you already have the answer for this one which will be “Well, I never said that I am the best and the smartest guy, but still you are here to judge me, I would not disagree if you say so, but you have the right experience to know that, I am just a fresher” 🙂

This is the best way to answer, as this is the way you take the driving seat and you drive the interview not the other way round. But you ought to be smart enough to have answers which lead to questions that you want them to ask 🙂

3. What are your strength and weakness:

This is a trick question. Everyone has some strength and weakness. All they want to know whether you can tell them about your weakness because everyone is comfortable speaking about their strengths.


Speak the truth, keeping in mind, whatever you speak might lead to the next question.

For strength you can say:

  • I am hard working, quick learner, have good communication skills, don’t give up under pressure, enthusiastic and punctual, make people happy around myself building a positive environment etc.

For weakness, you should state your weakness, as if it’s your strength like:

  • I am too responsible, I am too committed, and if I take up anything I always make sure that I deliver what I have committed. I am always exploring, something new all the time, I am too fidgety, I always seek for perfection etc etc.

4. What do you understand by confidence and over confidence?


In most of the cases, it’s just a plain and simple answer, as you don’t want to be trapped in saying something else. So the best answer would be:

  • “I can do this work, this is confidence or if someone else can do it, then I can also do it.  ONLY I can do this work and no one else, this is over confidence.”

5. What is more important for you work or money:

This is a trick question again. They want to check whether you will be loyal to the company or not.


Be honest if you feel something more about money, but there is a smarter way to tell them what you feel. Let’s be honest, we won’t only work, we need money more than our work for our daily lives. So, state it in this way only that it’s necessary.

  • Say “Good work always has its reward, and good work should always be appreciated. Money will always come and go, but if I have the knowledge, I can always make money and good knowledge comes with good work.”

6. Who is your inspiration and why?


This is just to see about what you feel about life, what your attitude towards life is.

  • Most of the people state that their role model is their Father and tell them story of his struggle. This is the best answer, since the interviewer does not know your father and cannot question back, but if you will say something about some famous personality, make sure you have done your research, because the interviewer might or might not know about that person.

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


Common and one line answer is “On the other side of the table.”

But if the interviewer is smart, he can drag you into a lot of further question, maybe he got there in 10 years, and then you didn’t know that 🙂 So, you can also state:

  • “I will see myself learning something or the other for the knowledge, because I believe, if you work properly, you will always have to learn and keep yourself updated.’

8. What is your daily schedule going to be like when you work for our Organization?


This question does not hold any importance, as the other person also does not know what type of work you will be given and under what circumstances or situation. How much pressure will be there etc etc. This question can be a trick question, where the interviewer might be giving you a slight hint that he thinks you are selected or deserve to work for their organization. Simple Answer should be:

  • I always want to work hard; I always want to learn something or the other all the time. At the end of the day, I should be satisfied with the kind of efforts or work that I have put in the whole day and I should be happy to earn the bread and butter for the day. I should not feel guilty of anything when I see myself in the mirror at the end of the day.

9. Would you lie for the Company?

This is a trick question, most of the people while working lie for their, but the organization does not ask you to lie. You need to be diplomatic here.


Best answer would be something like this:

  • “I don’t think that I will lie for the organization, because in my point of view, you lie when you want to run away from things, when you want to escape from a situation mostly tough. I would rather face it today and would try to work hard to solve the problem.”

10. Do you have any questions for me/us?

This gives you an opportunity to show them your interest in their company.


Most of the times, a candidate don’t ask anything when this question is posed in front of her/him. This is mainly because, the candidate feel that she/he may sound rude or over confident. But this is not the case, when the HR is asking you, if you have any questions for her/her, then you should always ask something.

Best and simple answer (in this case a question) would be:

  • If you are too confident, that the interview went well, then in a jovial way you may put “On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you think I stand with respect to this interview?”
  • If you have done some research on the company, then you may ask something about the company like “Who do you think is the biggest competitor in the market for your organization and why?”
  • But make sure, you ask something when it is expected out of you.

Healthy and Beneficial Tip For HR Interview:

This is one sort of interview, where if you are confident and prepared, you can drive the interview the way you want to. As per the experience, this is possible, all you need to do is prepare your answers and then answer in such a way that you force the interviewer to ask the question you want them to ask and not what they want to ask.