Coding and Decoding


In a certain code language,

(A) ‘pit na som’ means ‘bring me water’
(B) ‘na jo tod’ means ‘water is life’
(C) ‘tub od pit’ means 'give me toy’
(D) ‘jo lin kot’ means ‘life and death’

Which of the following represents 'is' in that language ?


(A)  '134' means 'you are well';
(B)  '758' means 'they go home';
(C)  '839' means 'we are home';

Which of the statements can be dispensed with while answering the above question?


In a certain code language: 

'3a, 2b, 7c' means 'Truth is Eternal';
'7c, 9a, 8b, 3a' means 'Enmity is not Eternal'  and
'9a, 4d, 2b, 8b' means 'Truth does not perish'.

Which of the following means 'enmity' in that language ?


In a certain code language,

'134' means 'good and tasty';
'478' means 'see good pictures'  and
'729' means 'pictures are faint'.

Which of the following digits stands for 'see'?