FMS - 2009


In view of the present global financial crisis, the Finance Minister decided to slash the excise duties to boost demand and propel economic growth. The excise duty on cement was reduced by 30% of its present amount to boost the spending in the infrastructure. What should be the percentage increase in the consumption of cement so that the revenue of the government remains unchanged?


John, Mona and Gordon, three US based business partners, jointly invested in a business project to supply nuclear fuel to India. As per their share in the investment, Gordon will receive 2/3 of the profits whereas John and Mona divide the remainder equally. It is estimated that the income of John will increase by $60 million when the rate of profit rises from 4% to 7%. What is the capital of Mona?


Recently, smoking at public places was declared as an offence. Delhi Police has started imposing a penalty against smoking in public and has eight raid teams in place. In a surprise check, the raid team caught 40 people smoking in the Connaught Place area of Delhi. The standard deviation and sum of squares of the amount found in their pockets were Rs. 10 and Rs. 40000, respectively. If the total fine imposed on these offenders is equal to the total amount found in their pockets and the fine imposed is uniform, what is the amount that each offender will have to pay as fine?


The Vice-Chancellor of University of Delhi decided to form a committee to look into the feasibility of introduction of semester systems at the under-graduate level in the University. 5 members from the Executive Council and 7 members of the Academic Council were found suitable for the job. In how many ways can the Vice-Chancellor form a committee of 6 members such that at least 4 members of the committee belong to the Academic Council?


A flight of Jet Airways from Delhi to Mumbai has an average speed of 700 kilometers per hour without any stoppage, whereas a flight of Kingfisher from Delhi to Mumbai has an average speed of 560 kilometers per hour with stoppage at Baroda. What is the average stoppage time per hour of Kingfisher flight if both the planes fly at the same speed?