AIPMT - 2007

AIPMT - 2007:

All India Pre-Medical Test or All India Pre-Dental Test 2007 entrance exam paper. This topic is further divided into three different sections namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All the explanation and solutions are provided for every question in this AIPMT 2007 question paper. Physics and Chemistry section has 50 questions each. Biology section has 100 questions. You can practice all the questions here or you can also download the pdf of every section free.


The primary and secondary coil of a transformer have 50 and 1500 turns respectively. If the magnetic flux \(\Phi\) linked with the primary coil is given by \(\Phi\)= \(\Phi\)+ 4t where \(\Phi\) is in webers, t is time in seconds and \(\Phi\)0 is a constant, the output voltage across the secondary coil is


The position x of a particle with respect to time t along x-axis is given by x = 9t2 – t3 where x is in metres and t in second. What will be the position of this particle when it achieves maximum speed along the +ve x direction?


A particle starting from the origin (0, 0) moves in a straight line in the (x, y) plane. Its coordinates at a later time are ( \(\sqrt{3}\),3) . The path of the particle makes with the x-axis an angle of