Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzle | Logic Riddle | Logic Reasoning:

A logic puzzle is a puzzle deriving from the mathematics field of deduction. This might also termed as "Logical Reasoning" or finding a logic to solve a problem which is written in statements by taking a mathematical approach or simply by understanding the statement and then deducing something out of it.

Logic Puzzles are more famous in the recruitment process of various companies. All the companies look out for the logic in the recruitment process. This is not dependant on the stream of the person who is getting hired, as most of the companies believe in training the recruited person in the desired stream or the requirement of the compnay.

Here you will find all the logic puzzles segregated in different levels, based on the difficulty of the puzzle. You can prepare yourself by taking each level at a time starting from the least difficult puzzle, so that you can build your basic and the correct approach to solve a problem. These can also be download in pdf format for free.


There is a jar containing toffees that can be either orange flavored or strawberry flavored. You know the fact that there is at least one orange flavored toffee in that jar. You close your eyes and pick two toffees on random.

You are provided with the fact that at least one of them will be strawberry flavored. Can you now find out how many strawberry toffees are there in that jar?


Roy was suffering from severe headaches. He went to see his doctor and the doctor gave him five tablets asking him to take one tablet every 15 minutes. How much time will it take Roy to consume all the five tablets?


In a particular game, there can be eight players at one time on the pitch and they last for seventy minutes. In the total duration, six players substitute with each player. All the players are then for the same time on the pitch including the substitutes. Can you calculate the time each player was on the pitch?


There are three cars in a racing track. The track is made forming a perfect circle and is quite wide so that at one time, multiple cars can pass through it. The car which is leading is driving at 55 MPH and the slowest car is driving at 45 MPH. The car that is in middle of these two is driving in between the two speeds. For the time being you can say that the distance between the fastest car and the middle car is x miles and it is same between the middle car and the slowest car. Also, x is not equal to 0 or 1.

The car keeps running till the leading car catches up with the slowest car and then every car stops. Given the case, do you think that at any point, the distance between any two pairs will again become x miles?


A petri dish kept in a lab has a colony of healthy bacteria. Every bacterium divides itself into two in exactly two minutes. Now the colony started with a single cell at 2 pm. If the petri dish was exactly half full of bacteria at 3 pm, when will the dish become full of bacteria?