Verbal Ability

Verbal aptitude tests asses a person's ability to spell words correctly, use correct grammar, understand word meanings, understand word relationships and interpret detailed written information. Verbal Aptitude tests are not only used at school admittance exams but are also frequently used by employers during employee selection for a broad variety of jobs. The tests on our website are of similar nature to most verbal aptitude tests used for employee selection. You may choose to train verbal aptitude questions in general, or focus on a specific type of question, such as Vocabulary or Verbal Comprehension questions.

In Verbal Ability, we cover various topics like, Reading Comprehension with more than 20 RC's, sentence correction, active-passive voice, fill in the blanks, complete the sentence, grammar concepts, synonyms, meaning of a sentence in one word etc. This section will prepare you for various examination like MBA, CAT, Bank PO and Bank Clerical, Government Jobs, PSU, Company Recruitment, Railways and various other exams.