Paragraph Sentence Formation


S1: In the middle of one side of the square sits the Chairman of the committee, the most important person in the room.

P : For a committee is not just a mere collection of individuals.

Q : On him rests much of the responsibility for the success or failure of the committee.

R : While this is happening we have an opportunity to get the 'feel' of this committe.

S : As the meeting opens, he runs briskly through a number of formalities.

S6: From the moment its members meet, it begins to have a sort nebulous life of its own.

The Proper sequence should be:


S1:    A force of exists between everybody in the universe.
P :    Normally it is very small but when the one of the bodies is a planet, like earth, the force is considerable.
Q :    It has been investigated by many scientists including Galileo and Newton.
R :    Everything on or near the surface of the earth is attracted by the mass of earth.
S :    This gravitational force depends on the mass of the bodies involved.
S6:    The greater the mass, the greater is the earth's force of attraction on it. We can call this force of attraction gravity.

The Proper sequence should be:


S1:    Calcutta unlike other cities kepts its trams.
P :    As a result there horrendous congestion.
Q :    It was going to be the first in South Asia.
R :    They run down the centre of the road
S :    To ease in the city decided to build an underground railway line.
S6:    The foundation stone was laid in 1972.

The Proper sequence should be:


S1:    For some time in his youth Abraham Lincoln was manager for a shop.
P :    Then a chance Customer would come.
Q :    Young Lincoln way of keeping shop was entirely unlike anyone else's
R :    Lincoln would jump up and attend to his needs and then revert to his reading.
S :    He used to lie full length on the counter of the shop eagerly reading a book.
S6:    Never before had Lincoln had so much time for reading as had then.

The Proper sequence should be:


S1:    All the land was covered by the ocean.
P :    The leading god fought the monster, killed it and chopped its body in to two halves.
Q :    A terrible monster prevented the gods from separating the land from the water.
R :    The god made the sky out of the upper part of the body and ornamented it with stars.
S :    The god created the earth from the lower part, grew plants on it and populated it with animals.
S6:    The god moulded the first people out of clay according to his own image and mind.

The Proper sequence should be: